Chinese Government Cracks Down on Promotion of Effeminate “Sissy Pants” Men

The Chinese government is directing television channels and media companies to stop promoting K-pop-style “sissy pants” men, with the government of the country pointing to the celebrities as a harmful influence upon youth.

In guidance released on Thursday, the Chinese government urged broadcasters to firmly reject the “deformed aesthetics” of niangpao, a term used to describe effeminate men. Celebrities and musicians who adopt the imagery of Korean pop stars have become increasingly popular in China. Celebrity culture has a following in China that surpasses the mindless worship of vapid western celebrities, with social media controversies stirring up constantly over infractions of singers and celebrities.

The move is one of several in recent months to promote the development of masculinity among China’s young men. The Chinese Communist Party recently instituted programs to promote sports education in China’s schools, and is moving to combat video game addiction by limiting the amount of time children can spend playing video games every day. China’s education ministry has released material attacking what it calls the “feminisation” of Chinese young men, pointing to what it’s describing as insidious western cultural influence as responsible. One politician described young Chinese men as becoming “weak, timid, and self-abasing.”

The Chinese government has increasingly taken a hardline stance against attempts to promote LGBT propaganda in the country, removing accounts from the state-regulated social media platform Weibo that were caught promoting the lifestyle to youth. Depictions of homosexuality are not authorized on Chinese television channels.

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