Christian Band Fights Music Industry To Release Pro-MAGA Song

Make America Great Again Christian Rock
Image Credit: About A Mile

Popular Christian band About A Mile went against the wishes of their record label and the radio industry to release the pro-Trump song Make America Great Again.

The three brothers behind the Christian rock group, About A Mile, have released new song features lyrics venerating God, and imploring Americans to embrace the Christian values they believe helped create the United States of America. The song, titled Make America Great Again, admonishes the media and celebrities for their lack of morals, and includes an audio clip of President Ronald Reagan impressing the importance of Christianity to the nation.

Speaking to Big League Politics, the band’s front man Adam Klutinoty explained that the band “went against radio and label and everything putting this out” because they believe in the message and stand behind President Donald Trump.

“He’s the best president we’ve had in a long time.”

He also explained that part of the impetus for the song came after seeing popular groups and musicians like Aerosmith, Adele, the Rolling Stones, and George Harrison complain about President Trump using their music at his rallies.

“We’re super sick of Trump” using songs from these musicians, only for the musicians to receive word and begin “freaking out” over the perceived injustice.

“We’re just trying to love on our president,” Klutinoty said.

Klutinoty explained that the group has had a difficult time getting publicity for the song compared to their previous releases, some of which have over a million views on YouTube. Movie producers first approached the band about using the song, and then after several months of assuming their music would be used and exposed to a large audience, the band was informed that one of the actors was “embarrassed” by the pro-Trump message of the song and they would be unable to use it.

Make America Great Again is available on the band’s YouTube and Facebook, as well as their website.


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