Christine Blasey Ford, New York Times Confirm She Hosts ‘Google Interns’ At Her Home

Christine Blasey Ford admitted in her testimony that she has a second front door for a studio that she rents out to “Google interns” in Palo Alto, California.

The New York Times reported this piece of Ford’s testimony.

Here is video of Christine Blasey Ford saying in her testimony before Dianne Feinstein that her second front door is now “a place to host Google interns” due to her proximity to the Google corporation.

The New York Times recently conducted a quiet re-write of its story on the second and third accusers in the Kavanaugh case, so we wanted to be sure to screenshot for history this New York Times acknowledgment of the “Google interns.”

Here is.a screenshot of that New York Times piece, artfully titled “The Tight Rope of Testifying While Female” in which Blasey Ford is described as “pretty — but not too pretty”:




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