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Chuck Schumer Imitates Republicans, Holds Up Posters of Furloughed Government Workers



Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and other Democrats held up posters of furloughed government workers outside the Capitol Wednesday.

Republicans including Rep. Mo Brooks and Louie Gohmert have already shown photos of the victims of illegal alien crime on the House floor, including a 13-year old girl who was beheaded by an illegal alien.

Schumer’s statement ignores those victims of illegal alien crime. Now that President Trump has signed the back pay bill, the blame for the shutdown shifts to Democrats, who keep workers from getting their paychecks through their refusal to fund the southern border Wall. Schumer held up a poster of a man with a heart ailment, but did not address the Angel families who arrived at Nancy Pelosi’s office this week while Pelosi ignored them.

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“Open the government,” some of the Democrats briefly chanted.

Big League Politics reported:

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) took to the floor of the House of Representatives to blast his Democratic party colleagues over their lack of interest in protecting Americans from dangerous illegal aliens.

In an epic speech, Brooks told the story of a young girl and her grandmother, killed by illegal MS-13 animals last summer in his hometown of Huntsville:

In July, 2018, in my hometown of Huntsville, Alabama, two drug cartel-related illegal aliens took Oralia Mendoza and her 13-year-old granddaughter Mariah Lopez from their home in the dark of night. Oralia was stabbed to death, while her teenaged granddaughter Mariah was forced to watch. Later, and in order to eliminate a witness, the illegal alien drug cartel members then beheaded Mariah and abandoned her body in the woods not far from where I live. Mariah’s decaying body was not found for weeks. Mariah was a special needs student at Challenger Middle School. Her teachers described her as a “sweet little girl had a lot of friends.”

After telling the story of Mendoza and Lopez, Brooks laid it on the Democrats for failing to secure the border:

Mr. Speaker, each of these horrific deaths have one thing in common. None – none of these lives would have been stolen from us but for illegal aliens, aided and abetted by Democrats who protect, promote, and prefer the lives of illegal aliens to the lives of American citizens. Mr. Speaker, these killings on American soil will continue if America does not secure our porous border. As for those who support amnesty and open borders: how many American lives and dreams must be snuffed out by illegal aliens before Washington has the guts and integrity to secure our porous Southern border? How many Americans – dead Americans – does it take before you will start saving lives, rather than aiding and abetting those illegal aliens who take them?

Brooks, who has been a strong supporter of the border wall since day one of President Donald J. Trump’s tenure in office, was visibly perturbed towards the end of his speech.

WATCH the clips:

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Border Security

Customs and Border Patrol Arrest 36 Camouflaged Illegal Aliens at Open Borders Organization’s Smuggling Camp

Illegal immigration is back on.



Customs and Border Patrol arrested more than three dozen illegal immigrants at a smuggling camp operated by a left-wing open borders organization in Arizona on Friday night, possibly signaling that illegal immigration is back on after the coronavirus halted human smuggling and trafficking operations at the U.S-Mexico border.

CBP Tucson Sector Chief Roy Villareal recounted the operation, which was executed on a camp operated by the ‘No More Deaths’ open borders group, which coordinates and assists in dangerous border crossings on the part of illegal aliens in southern Arizona. CBP executed a federal search warrant on the camp in Aricava, Arizona, after investigating the criminal activity associated with the facility.

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On July 31, 2020, Border Patrol agents from the Tucson Border Patrol Sector, with support from CBP Air and Marine Operation’s Tucson Air Branch executed a federal search warrant on the No More Deaths camp near Arivaca, Arizona. Upon entry, over three dozen Illegal border crossers were found within the camp,” revealed CBP in a statement to News 4 Tucson.

The group that was arrested may have been one of the biggest detained by CBP since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, which largely halted illegal immigration. The capture of larger groups of illegal immigrants in recent days and weeks may signal that large-scale human smuggling operations may be back on after a hiatus.

Chief Villareal shared CBP imagery revealing that the group formation of illegal aliens traveled directly to the No More Deaths camp in Aricava, suggesting a degree of coordination between the open borders group and the border crossers.

Federal authorities have pointed to the left-wing camp as a tool utilized by drug smugglers and criminals seeking to infiltrate the United States for years, having dismantled the camp through court order before.

No More Deaths continues to incentivize highly dangerous border crossings in the Sonoran Desert in the thick of the Arizona summer, endangering the lives of law enforcement, the public, and unauthorized migrants who make the treacherous journey with the promise of assistance.


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