Church Militant Founder Speaks on the New Christian Infrastructure Rising to Replace Decaying Western Institutions

Church Militant founder Michael Voris recently appeared on Big League Politics Live where he spoke about the new Christian infrastructure that is rising within the technology sphere and through media alternatives to challenge the decaying and degenerate establishment that is growing more reviled by the masses with each passing day.

Voris believes that Americans are still culturally Christian and want to maintain those values; therefore, they will support institutions that help preserve that culture rather than destroy it like the Left so badly wants to do.

“Roughly half the country…are certainly living on the fumes of Christian civilization – where it’s still bad to go out and cheat on your spouse, where it’s still bad to be an absent father, and we’re not all sucked into materialism and consumerism, and we just want to be able to raise our families in peace and give them a happy life. Those are not the things that are on the table in the sort of more Marxist states, the more blue states,” Voris said.

He said that the “crazy media” pushing lies about Jan. 6 and other incendiary nonsense is fueling the rise of the Marxist Left, but ordinary Americans are not buying it, especially as their gas and food prices rise exponentially amidst Democrat rule.

“It’s not surprising that a huge number of who you would call social conservatives have tuned out of media altogether, meaning the mainstream media, or they’ve left it and have plugged into alternative media sites. Your audience, our audience, the Infowars, the War Room, all those people. An alternative has begun,” he said.

“I think the formation of all this speaks to the reality that enough people have woken up. I mean, you can’t run an internet site, you can’t run an operation like [Church Militant] unless you have thousands and thousands and thousands of people who support you daily and all of that. Obviously you want everybody to wake up and realize what is going on, but it’s a process and we will follow the process,” Voris added.

Big League Politics has reported on explicitly Christian social media alternatives, such as Gab, gaining market share as tech monopolies become more restrictive and openly hostile toward free speech:

Free speech social media platform Gab has signed up more than 3 million new users for the service in less than 12 days.

The rush of new users to Gab may represent a unprecedented development in the history of the internet. It’s likely that no social media service has ever signed up as many users in such a short period of time before.

Gab has received an even more historic month in terms of web traffic, attracting 24 million unique users.

All of Gab’s server infrastructure is owned by the company itself, a guarantor of resiliency in the face of Big Tech censorship and deplatforming. The service has suffered from growing pains over the past month as tyrants of Silicon Valley enact censorship and political purges in a manner never before seen, but Gab has onboarded more than ten new servers in its data centers in response to the user influx.

The full BLP Live interview can be seen here:

Church Militant’s official website can be accessed at this link.

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