Citizens Alliance of Idaho Dominates in May Primaries

Grassroots conservatives in Idaho scored major victories on May 21, 2024 after 36 of Citizens Alliance of Idaho’s pledge champions and new signers came out victorious in their primary elections. 

By winning in the Republican primaries, these pledge champions are committed to upholding limited government values in the Idaho State Legislature. 

In an email to Citizens Alliance of Idaho supporters, the limited government organization highlighted the 36 individuals who won their elections on May 21:

Cornel Rasor

Heather Scott

Dale Hawkins

Phil Hart

Vito Barbieri

Jordan Redman

Joe Alfieri

Elaine Price

Ben Toews

Tony Wisniewski

Carl Bjerke

Dan Foreman

Kyle Harris

Charlie Shepherd

Cindy Carlson

Rob Beiswenger

Faye Thompson

Christy Zito

Judy Boyle

Brandon Shippy

Bruce Skaug

Tammy Nichols

Kent Marmon

Lucas Cayler

Jaron Crane

Brent Crane

Steve Tanner

Brian Lenney

Josh Tanner

Josh Keyser

Chris Bruce

Clint Hostetler

Glenneda Zuiderveld

David Leavitt

Josh Kohl

Barbara Ehardt


The conservative organization declared in the email that “Idaho is in good hands! These individuals have committed to upholding our shared values and will be held accountable to their constituents if they fail to do so.”

The Citizens Alliance of Idaho noted that State Representative Julie Yamamoto was the only pledge signer in bad standing with the pledge that lost her primary race. The grassroots conservative organization commented on Yamamoto’s defeat, declaring “Compromising our shared values has consequences, and we are committed to holding our representatives to the highest standards.”

On top of that, Senator Ben Adams and Representative Lance Clow, who are both pledge signers in questionable standing, ended up winning their primary races. The Citizens Alliance of Idaho stated that it hopes Adams and Clow “will diligently work to uphold the commitments they made to their constituents in the next legislative session by working closer with their colleagues in Good Standing.”

The grassroots organization promised to continue working in the state legislature to hold politicians accountable for their legislative behavior. 

Grassroots conservatives in Idaho, or other parts of the nation, can learn more about the Citizens Alliance of Idaho here

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