CLAIM: JFK Shot From Front In Adam’s Apple

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Here is an excerpt from a speech delivered by minister Oren Fenton Potito, which was deemed important enough for special agent Manning C. Clements to send it out as a memo in 1964, according to President Trump’s release of long-withheld JFK Files:

Windshield from the car President John F. Kennedy rode in the day he was shot in Dallas. (National Archives photo)

Evidence from the files has so far not confirmed the second shooter, but Lee Harvey Oswald maintained — during his brief incarceration before being shot by alleged Lyndon Johnson operative Jack Ruby — that he was merely a “patsy” used by the Deep State because he had been to the Soviet Union.

Jack Ruby mugshot (Courtesy)

Trump has not been able to release all of the remaining documents yet due to a pressure campaign by the CIA to make redactions.


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