Cleaning Service Business Co-Own Pleads Guilty to Illegal Alien Worker Plot in Virginia

Early in February, George William Evans, the co-owner of a prominent commercial laundry — Magnolia Cleaning Services — pled guilty to two of 33 federal charges against him and his colleagues that consists of recruiting, transporting, and exploiting a significant number of illegal alien laundry workers hailing from Central America. 

David North, a fellow at Center for Immigration Studies, noted that Evans’ residence is in Midlothian, a suburb of Richmond, Virginia, and the business has facilities in Williamsburg. 

Per Law360, Evans agreed to a $3.9 million forfeiture that is expected to be paid to the government in fines. North broke down some of the charges filed in this caseL   

The charges filed, in addition to two involving money laundering, include: encouraging and inducing illegal entry, harboring undocumented non-citizens, transporting them, and benefitting from forced labor. Anna Patricia Aragon Landaverde, Jeffrey Dean Vaughan, and a phony document provider (FNU LNU) were also charged.

According to the charging documents in this case, the laundry business recruited workers in Central America, facilitated their illegal entry into the US, acquired fake Social Security numbers and other illegal documents for them, and compelled them to work for long hours at a miserable wage rate. On top of that, the business charged the illegal alien workers for rent in shoddy quarters and also for their food. Several of these quarters had no heating or air conditioning, while the laundry building had no show and no kitchen. If workers raised a fuss about their work conditions, work managers threatened them with deportation. 

This incident is indicative of the many nasty aspects of mass migration. It’s a total boon for Big Business but it uses Third World migrants who end up hurting American workers by putting downward pressure on worker wages. Hence, the need to end mass migration by enacting E-Verify and an immigration moratorium, among other immigration restriction measures. If we can’t do this, America will cease to exist as a coherent nation. 

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