Cliff Maloney Cleared of All Charges, Defeats Politically Motivated Takedown


(Political Strategist Cliff Maloney appearing on Fox News)

JOHNSTOWN, PA – Following a two-year battle, political strategist Cliff Maloney has officially been cleared of all charges against him.

Court documents show that political opponents of Maloney coordinated and pressured the Cambria County District Attorney’s office to bring sexual assault charges against the political operative from a decade ago with no physical evidence, the so-called “accuser” waiting eight years to report, and not a single corroborating witness.

After delaying the case for two years and dragging his name and reputation through the mud, Maloney is now fully exonerated.

Assistant District Attorney Jessica Weil, a prosecutor in the case, attempted to ambush Maloney and his legal counsel by delivering four rounds of discovery at the last second, which breaks from the professional standard of presenting all of the discovery in a timely manner. She even submitted the final round of discovery after the jury selection, an unprecedented course of action.

(Jessica Weil, Cambria County Assistant District Attorney)

A review of the discovery reveals outrageous findings that would make any rational individual question why the charges were ever brought against Maloney in the first place.

The prosecution originally planned on calling a prompt report witness. Kelly Donaldson (the accuser) attempted to get her cousin to take the stand, but text messages reveal that Donaldson’s cousin told her: “lDK why you included me in this when you knew my thoughts on the situation, it will only hurt your ‘case’ in the end.” Interviews show she even stated, “Kelly likes drama and is a lying b****.” 

The cousin did not take the stand against Maloney.

An additional witness who was recruited by Donaldson refused to talk to the prosecutors. He even went as far as to say “I literally didn’t even know the guy [Maloney] at all.” 

He also did not take the stand against Maloney.

Donaldson even admitted to smoking marijuana and drinking multiple beers prior to meeting with Maloney. 

The lead investigator in the case, Officer Michelle McDaniel, admitted under oath that she moved forward with charging Maloney without ever asking him if he committed the alleged acts. You would think that the detective would question Maloney and give him a chance to admit to his alleged crimes before sullying his good name and reputation.

Officer McDaniel testified under oath that she called Maloney to alert him about the arrest warrant for a decades old accusation and that he hanged up the phone abruptly. Phone records obtained by Big League Politics show that McDaniel lied on the stand. The phone call lasted over three minutes, in direct contradiction her testimony.

Another strange moment was when Pitt Johnstown Police Lieutenant Dan Dunn took the stand. He was called by the prosecutor to testify about the basic layout of the campus grounds. After doing that, he was cross examined by Maloney’s attorney Peter Kratsa. Dunn shocked the jury and members of the court by praising Maloney’s reputation. It was a major blow to the prosecution to have one of their own witnesses speaking about Maloney in a good light.

One has to wonder: Why did the lead prosecutor, ADA Joel Polites, move forward with this kangaroo case with little chance of success and use thousands of dollars in taxpayer resources? 

Voter registration records show that Joel Polites is a Democratic voter in Cambria County, despite Republicans dominating Democrats in all of the county-wide offices. Donald Trump even beat Joe Biden by more than 30 points in the most recent election. This makes the appointment of liberal Democrat Joel Polites a real head scratcher.

The facts point to a politically motivated attack on Cliff Maloney. 

Maloney is a rarity in the political operative world in that he only works with campaigns that will proactively fight to make liberty win. As a door-knocking guru, he is a major threat to the political establishment of both parties. His campaigns directly target the corrupt actors in DC or as Tucker Carlson describes them, “permanent Washington.”

(Cliff Maloney at the White House for President Trump’s College Free Speech Executive Order ceremony)

At the age of 32 years old, Maloney’s ground game deployments have knocked on over 6 million doors, currently holding the record for most doors knocked since 2018 in American politics. His efforts have yielded victories in over 300 campaigns for liberty Republicans nationwide. 

His political resume includes major wins for Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Thomas Massie, Georgia Senator Colton Moore, and Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs. Recently, he ousted the disgraced Texas Congressman Van Taylor, as well as the two most corrupt GOP incumbents in Pennsylvania during the 2022 GOP primary election, replacing them with America First patriots.

When asked if his recent monumental wins in Pennsylvania may have led to this political hit job, Maloney responded to inquiries from Big League Politics with: 

“I don’t comment on extortion cases. I am laser-focused on winning campaigns for liberty warriors across America.”

America First patriots and liberty conservatives can rest easy knowing that one of the nation’s premier political operatives has beat back a petty, #MeToo style hit job. In a society where an increasing number of people have a post-rule of law mindset, using baseless accusations and smear campaigns is one of the numerous ways the enemies of freedom will try to destroy their opponents. 

Thankfully, the justice system prevailed here. However, we must always be prepared for future smear campaigns designed to sully the reputation and destroy the lives of otherwise innocent, law-abiding individuals. 


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