Cliff Maloney: There Are No More Excuses For Republicans’ Mail In Ballots Campaigns

CEO of Mobilize the Message Cliff Maloney wants Republicans to step their ballot chasing game up. With Pennsylvania becoming one of the most important battleground states in the nation, every vote will count. 

More importantly, there is no room for error for Republicans’ ballot chasing. In other words, if Republicans get caught asleep at the wheel when it comes to chasing ballots, they will get spanked by their Democrat rivals at the polls. 

In a video that Maloney published on X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter, on January 9, 2023, he declared that  “politics  runs  on  time,  man.” 

He added that “It  doesn’t  matter  if  you  got  a  foot  of  snow  on  the  ground.  And  in  Pennsylvania,  that  means  we  got  50  days  from  the  election  day  to  chase  ballots.” 

The political operative called attention to how “Democrats  typically  have  80%  of  the  mail-in  ballots  in  Pennsylvania  compared  to  the  Republicans  only  at  20%.” 

For that reason, The Pennsylvania Chase was created so that liberty activists “will  go  out  and  bang  on 500,000  doors  across  Pennsylvania  to  attempt  to  get  Republican  mail-in  ballots  only  for  strong,  liberty-minded  Republicans.”  

With Pennsylvania now competitive for Republicans, party activists must be ready to do what it takes to wrest power away from Democrats in the state. The Ballot Chase offers the perfect vehicle for grassroots Republicans to close the gap on election day.  

Grassroots conservatives who want to win in the Keystone State can pitch in to The Pennsylvania Chase by clicking here.


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