Club for Growth leads torching of possible Rep. Martha McSally run for Arizona Senate seat

Rep. Martha McSally (R.-Ariz.) (Photo courtesy of McSally Facebook page)

Friday, the Club for Growth PAC along with Erick Erickson, Senate Conservatives Fund, Citizens United Political Victory Fund, FreedomWorks,, Eagle Forum, and Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund joined together to release the following statement:

Our groups, representing millions of conservatives, write to oppose Martha McSally as a potential Republican nominee for the Arizona Senate race to replace retiring Senator Jeff Flake. Martha McSally masquerades as a conservative on the campaign trail but time and time again, Representative McSally has abandoned conservative principles. When given the chance to lead, she instead chose to cower to special interests and the ways of Washington. No matter which issue, ranging from economic to social to immigration, Rep. McSally’s voting record would leave you guessing she is a liberal. For these reasons and more, we stand firmly together to oppose her candidacy.

Below are individual quotes from the conservative groups:

FreedomWorks for America: “Martha McSally is part of the problem. She has an anemic 61 percent on FreedomWorks PAC. If elected to the Senate, she will undermine the conservative agenda to expand freedom and limit the size of government.” – Adam Brandon, President

Senate Conservatives Fund: “Representative McSally has a very liberal voting record. She has supported budget-busting spending bills, more debt, corporate welfare, and taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood and amnesty. Voters in Arizona want to replace Senator Flake with a strong conservative who will fight to drain the swamp in Washington. Martha McSally will do the opposite.” – Ken Cuccinelli, President

Club for Growth PAC: “McSally has a 59 percent lifetime rating on the Club’s scorecard. Among other things, she actively fought full repeal of Obamacare. She voted to increase the debt ceiling twice. She voted to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, and she was even one of seven Republicans to support the Obama Phone program.” – David McIntosh, President

Erick Erickson, “Representative McSally was one of the few Republicans who Barack Obama could routinely depend upon over the past few years. She helped him expand his government and gave him a blank check to raise the debt ceiling. We don’t need more people like that in the Senate.” “Martha McSally is a member of the RINO “Tuesday Group” that has obstructed President Trump’s agenda from within the House Republican Conference, she should not be sent to the Senate to take up where Jeff Flake left off.” – George Rasley

Eagle Forum: “Rep. Martha McSally is not an ally to the families that Eagle Forum represents. She supports drafting women into the military and giving them combat roles, voted for special protections for the LGBT community, and has allowed illegal immigrants to continue their stay on the taxpayer’s dime. For these reasons, we strongly oppose Representative McSally’s run for Senate.” – Anne Schlafly Cori, Chairman

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