CNN Envisions A Harris-Buttigieg Ticket

Kamala Harris, former senator from California.

Lincoln Mitchell, in a Sunday CNN piece, speculated on the prospects of a Harris-Buttigieg ticket.

CNN is at it again serving as the propaganda wing of The DNC. Now Lincoln Mitchell a Columbia professor, is taking to CNN to offer advice to the warring factions in the Democrat party. “Buttigieg is clearly very ambitious, ran an impressive Presidential campaign in 2020 and has only strengthened his political skills since then.” Maybe if that’s a euphemism for paid leave!

According t0 Mitchell “A Harris-Buttigieg ticket would showcase two dynamic politicians and represent the breadth and diversity of the Democratic Party, and indeed the whole country, while not veering too far left and alienating key swing voters who Biden won in 2020.”

Mitchell then goes on to opine about Kamala saying “Harris as the Vice President is a leading contender to be the post Joe Biden face of The Democratic Party. “(We can only hope.)

Pete Buttigieg, Mitchell insists, “brings with him a deep understanding of the Midwest.” Alas, this is false as Buttigieg  continually attacks people who believe in Faith and family values. He also talks about racist roads. Only people as elitist as CNN and Pete Buttigieg himself would think Buttigieg is the right one to connect with midwestern voters.

Lincoln Mitchell then argues “When Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate, he indicated that she was the future of the Democratic Party. It is natural that other politicians who see themselves as that future might chafe at that. Nonetheless, regardless of how she is viewed by many now, Harris will be a strong frontrunner to succeed Biden. The best way to ensure victory for the party may not be a drawn-out effort to nominate another flawed candidate, but to put together a balanced ticket with two rising Democratic Party stars.”

This ticket would be great for the Right. Kamala is tremendously unpopular even in her own party. She couldn’t even win her own state in the primary. Her condescending laugh and negative attitude is sure to sure up voters for Trump.

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