‘CNN is ISIS’ Trends on Twitter As Signs Appear at ‘Pittsburgh Not Paris’ Rally

@HarmfulOpinions, Twitter screenshot

‘CNN is ISIS’ was trending on Twitter on Saturday, as demonstrators at the pro-Donald Trump ‘ Pittsburgh Not Paris’ rallies brought out signs to attempt the InfoWars challenge.

In Washington, DC, where there was a Pittsburgh Not Paris rally occurring at the same time as an anti-Trump rally featuring Sharia Law advocate Linda Sarsour, free speech advocate George McIntyre was one of several people who brought a “CNN Is ISIS” sign featuring the photo of Kathy Griffin.


McIntyre’s sign was spotted during a CNN interview as well as on a Buzzfeed Live broadcast.

Big League Politics spoke to McIntyre, and asked him if he had faced any problems or backlash over his sign during the dueling rallies.

“Only at the Linda Sarsour event,” McIntyre said. “Some guy called me a ‘loser.’” In contrast, McIntyre said that “everyone by the White House was really friendly and courteous.” He added that the march event was “hostile.”

McIntyre said that the CNN crew at the White House had attempted to avoid filming him, but he still managed to make it into some of their shots.

As we previously reported, following Kathy Griffin releasing the ISIS style photo of herself holding the decapitated head of President Donald Trump, journalist and author Mike Cernovich and Alex Jones of InfoWars offered $1,000 rewards for photobombing CNN live shots with a sign that reads “CNN is ISIS,” along with the photo.


When BLP asked if he thought he had completed the challenge, McIntyre stated that he was not sure.


Griffin has been a co-host of CNN’s annual New Year’s Eve coverage for the past decade, but the network did not immediately announce whether or not she would be pulled from future broadcasts. After massive outcry online and a boycott effort towards advertisers, which prompted home security company ADT to pull their ads from the network, CNN eventually announced that they had terminated their contract with the “comedian.”

During the election season, Infowars announced a contest offering up to $1,000 for anyone who gets on national television and asserts that the former president is a rapist, or $5,000 if they do it in Roger Stone’s infamous “rape” shirt. The challenge immediately went massively viral and many completed the stunt.

We reached out to Cernovich for comment, but he had not responded by time of publishing.

UPDATE: ‘CNN is ISIS’ signs are also present in Virginia at a flash mob protest outside Bilderberg.


We will update this story when it becomes clear if anyone will be claiming reward money for the stunt.

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