CNN POLL: Literally ZERO Americans Consider Russia Hoax Their Top Issue

Zero People Care About Russia

A shocking new CNN report reveals that after over two years of fear mongering about Russia, a poll reveals that precisely zero Americans consider the threats posted by Russia to be their “top issue” going into 2020.

The CNN report indicated that voters were recently polled with an open ended question asking their most important issue going into the 2020 presidential election.

“I just want to show you how little of a concern it is among primary voters here, actually this is all voters,” said the CNN host John Berman, “CNN in a most recent poll asked voters an open-ended question for the most important issue for your 2020 vote,” he said.

“Exactly zero people, Jonathon, not zero percent, zero human beings listed Russia as their top issue, and they could choose multiple issues here.”

He added, “That’s almost statistically impossible.”

The other CNN personalities noted that the margin of error in such an occurrence is also, predictably, zero.

This new polling information comes as far left Democrats, deep state public figures, and establishment Republicans continue to double down or remain unapologetic for spending two years pushing the now totally disproven conspiracy theory that President Donald J. Trump willingly or knowingly colluded with the Russian government in the 2016 presidential election.

The poll would seem to indicate that in spite of the media’s constant hand wringing about the importance of Russia and the debunked conspiracy, most Americans on both the left and right did not take the bait, and remain focused on actual issues.

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