CNN Staff ‘Demoralized’ After Network Hires #NeverTrump GOP Operative

CNN staffers are reportedly “demoralized” after the network hired #NeverTrump GOP operative Sarah Isgur, who previously worked for former Attorney General Jeff ‘Mr. Magoo’ Sessions, Sen. Mitt Romney, and failed presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

A report from The Daily Beast suggests CNN’s employees are “demoralized” after the hiring of Isgur to oversee its 2020 election coverage, in spite of her wide renown as a member of the Republican Party’s #NeverTrump coalition and status as a former employee of the limp wristed Sessions.

Daily Beast reports:

The hiring was met with a negative internal reaction, especially because many CNN staffers have been largely left in the dark on the controversial decision. While other marquee hires are often announced internally, as of Tuesday afternoon the company has not circulated any guidance to staff about Isgur’s new role, leading employees to wonder how much of a role she will have in day-to-day political reporting.

“It’s extremely demoralizing for everyone here,” one network editorial staffer told The Daily Beast.

After Fiorina’s campaign crashed and burned, and prior to joining President Donald J. Trump’s administration under Sessions, Isgur had openly called for a delegate battle at the Republican National Convention in 2016.

While appearing on an MSNBC broadcast in 2016, Isgur said she “will certainly hope for a contested convention, and if not I hope that someone will offer an alternative,” adding that “For a lot of us, this isn’t about party. This isn’t about winning for our team. This is about country.”

She concluded that she is “a conservative before [she’s] a Republican.”

Isgur also said she did not plan to vote for President Trump in 2016, instead saying she hoped there would be an “alternative” she could get behind.

While she has not publicly commented on her 2016 presidential vote, it seems logical she could have cast it for Evan McMullin, who launched a last-minute independent bid for president to deny President Trump votes in 2016.

Apparently, in spite of her #NeverTrump background and previous work for a highly controversial former member of the Trump administration, Isgur is still too radical and partisan for CNN’s left wing staff, as another staff member told The Daily Beast that “People are generally confused” by the “very bizarre” hiring decision.

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