CNN White House Reporter Has History of Homophobic Tweets

Adding to the list of cable news reporters who have expressed disdain for gay people, homophobic Tweets from CNN’s White House reporter were unearthed Sunday.

“Idk if I wanna room with a lesbian,” said CNN’s Kaitlan Collins in a 2011 Tweet.

“Prologue to Canterbury Tales, you fag,” she said in the same year.

“I get off at 4 fag!” she said in another Tweet.

Responding to the controversy, Collins took to Twitter to apologize.

“When I was in college, I used ignorant language in a few tweets to my friends. It was immature but it doesn’t represent the way I feel at all. I regret it and apologize,” she said.

CNN has not issued a statement on Collins’ Tweets, and likely will sweep them under the rug.

A few months ago MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid’s blog, filled with homophobic rants, made headlines for its despicable content. Reid denied the that she wrote the posts, claimed that she was hacked and filed an FBI report on the alleged hacking. She later admitted to writing the posts and sheepishly apologized. She was not disciplined by MSNBC or the FBI for filing a false report. David Brock and his left-wing operation Media Matters even defended Reid’s homophobia.

Collins’ language might be offensive, but offensive speech is protected under the First Amendment.

Conservatives, though, are pointing out the obvious double-standard applied based on political affiliation. A right-wing reporter who said those words would  likely never live them down, a point which is not lost on many right-wing commentators.

“Kaitlan Collins is a ‘Twitter cop.’ She publicly shames people for old tweets. I am not remotely offended by her old jokes about “f-gs” and Ebola, but anyone at FoxNews would be over,” said right-wing pundit, author and lawyer Mike Cernovich.


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