CNN’s Brian Stelter Celebrates Censorship of Alex Jones

A CNN anchor has been caught celebrating the censorship of a free press with a comment made on Alex Jones’ live Periscope show today.

“It’s surprising how small the audience is here,” wrote Brian Stelter smugly. “Only 3,000 people watching. As Trump might say: Sad!”

Jones has been de-platformed by Facebook, YouTube, and Apple, three of the largest tech companies in the world. CNN’s Stelter, who is no stranger to low ratings, openly danced on Jones’ grave.

Daily Caller writer Ian Miles Cheong caught the comment in a screenshot too, which he posted to Twitter, but apparently did not notice what Stelter said:

Stelter used to believe in a “free press,” or so he said when President Donald J. Trump criticized the mainstream press.

“This really happened yesterday. Trump’s disregard for the free press is disappointing and, yes, shocking,” he tweeted in October.

Stelter does not seem shocked today, but rather elated.

“‘This is crazy… It’s wrong for POTUS to attack the free press, and we shouldn’t stand for it, REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT.’ —,” he wrote on Twitter, quoting his colleague Van Jones.

It looks like Stelter only cares about Democrats having the right to a free press after all.

“’What happened tonight illustrates how impactful and important the free press is in our political process,’ —,” he tweeted in December, quoting USA Today columnist Kurt Bardella.

We could write a doctoral thesis about Stelter’s pissy tweets regarding Trump’s supposed disregard for a “free press.” But when leftists in Silicon Valley shut down the free press, Stelter is not just silent, he celebrates.

Alex Jones had millions of listeners – many more than CNN can tout. Millions of ordinary Americans rely on him for news every day.

Is it any wonder why the mainstream press has been pegged as the enemy of the American people?


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