CNN’s Ryan: ‘Jim Acosta’s Life Was in Jeopardy’ at Trump Rally

In an interview with talking head Don Lemon, recently described as “the dumbest man on television,” a CNN political analyst claimed that her colleague Jim Acosta’s life was in danger while reporting at a rally held by President Donald J. Trump last week.

“Jim Acosta’s life, in my opinion, was in jeopardy that night,” said April Ryan on Wednesday. “There was a safety issue.”

Once again proving that the collective IQ of the mainstream press is inversely proportional to their feelings of self-importance, Ryan claimed that┬áTrump supporters chanting “CNN sucks” at Acosta was equivalent to putting him in physical danger.

“This President – President Donald J. Trump – has stoked the flames for reporters to feel like their lives, their safety is in jeopardy at these rallies, and something has got to stop,” she said histrionically.


Of course, any place where the President goes is about the most secure place on earth, crawling with police, Secret Service, and armed security. The idea that anyone would cause violence at a Trump rally without being flattened by his security detail is absurd.

But the self-aggrandizement of the mainstream press never stops. The media truly believes that it is the beacon of hope for all that is just and moral on this earth.

As soon as they realize that ordinary Americans hate them not because of President Trump, but because they are damned liars and everyone has become wise to their scheme, America will be better off.

In fact, hatred of the press is a long-standing American tradition that can be traced back to the days of Thomas Jefferson.

“I deplore… the putrid state into which our newspapers have passed and the malignity, the vulgarity, and mendacious spirit of those who write for them…” Jefferson said.

Lemon, Ryan and Acosta are just a bunch of pathetic losers who simply cannot stand the idea that they are no longer considered the arbiters of truth by the masses.

Get over it.

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