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Ana Navarro Urges Puerto Ricans to Flood Swing States



CNN’s token “Republican” Ana Navarro took to Twitter on Saturday evening to urge Puerto Ricans who need to flee the island to flood swing states and register to vote.

While the 3.4 million Puerto Ricans living on the island are American, they do not have voting representation in the United States Congress or Senate and cannot vote in presidential elections — only primaries. Far more people participated in the Democratic caucus than the Republican primary in 2016, and Marco Rubio won with a significant lead over President Donald Trump.

Even a relatively small surge of new Democratic voters in a state like Florida, where Navarro resides, could easily swing the state that Trump won by only 1.2% — or roughly 13,000 votes.

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“Ppl of [Puerto Rican flag], if you flee devastation & come to mainland, hope you settle in a swing state – FL, PA, OH… Register to vote & don’t forget this!” Navarro wrote, quote-tweeting a tweet sent out by President Donald Trump complaining about San Juan’s mayor.

The 45-year-old pundit, who is constantly paraded on CNN as a Republican strategist, voted for Hillary Clinton in the election.

Her attempt at helping out the Democratic Party, which she claims she does not belong to, comes as pundits have spent days decrying Trump and his supporters for politicizing the tragedy by mentioning the widespread corruption on the island.

Just days ago, Navarro also tweeted a doctored photograph of NBA star LeBron James wearing a shirt calling the president a “son of a bitch,” though in the actual photograph he is wearing a shirt of WWE star The Undertaker.

She later deleted the tweet and apologized, but the retraction gained far less steam than the initial tweet which had over 6,000 likes and retweets by the time of her deletion.

Prior to Trump’s election, Navarro wrote that she would look for a place to “seek exile.”

“If Donald Trump wins, I’m going to be looking for a place to seek exile,” Navarro told The Hollywood Reporter in October. “I’m pretty sure he’s planning on deporting me.”

Right now, there are quite a few Republicans on social media wishing that she would.

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Never Trump Neocon Bill Kristol Calls to Cancel Presidential Debates Between Joe Biden and Donald Trump

He wants to hide Biden.



Bulwark Editor and Never Trump Neocon Bill Kristol called for the cancellation of the three presidential debates in a Wednesday tweet.

Kristol cited Biden’s supposed record in office, having held elected office for more than forty years. He neglected to recognize a need for a debate that expressly focuses on the issues facing the nation at the present motion, including coronavirus, the economy, immigration, crime, and trade.

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Kristol’s open advocacy for the cancellation of Presidential debates may be the most upfront proposal to deny the American people the chance to hear a direct exchange between the two candidates, a tradition that runs back centuries.

Some Democrats and liberals have spoken of the presidential debates in increasingly cold terms, perhaps nervous that a 77-year old presidential candidate prone to questionable mental gaffes could appear unprepared for the rigors of the presidency while debating Donald Trump. The Trump campaign has actually sought to add additional presidential debates to the customary three, only for the Commission on Presidential Debates and the Biden campaign to rebuff such an overture.

Perhaps Kristol will call to cancel the actual election next, and insist that giving the people of the United States the chance to select their President be replaced with a smoke-filled backroom coronation imposed by “experts.”

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