Cocktail Bar Worker Spits on Eric Trump in Chicago

Eric Trump, the President’s oldest son, was spat on by a bar worker during a visit to the city of Chicago on Tuesday night.

Trump was patronizing an establishment called ‘The Aviary’ where he was attacked by an employee of the business.

Sources describe the event as a young woman approaching Trump, expressing anti-Trump political sentiment, and spitting at him. Secret Service took action and detained the woman, and it’s said that she was later released without being charged with a crime.

Chicago Police were seen on the scene shortly after the incident.

In a statement to Breitbart News, Eric Trump described the incident as an example of the left’s political intolerance and blatant hostility to those who disagree with their vision for society.

It was purely a disgusting act by somebody who clearly has emotional problems. For a party that preaches tolerance, this once again demonstrates they have very little civility. When somebody is sick enough to resort to spitting on someone, it just emphasizes a sickness and desperation and the fact that we’re winning.”

The perpetrator of the lowball and profane attack is yet to be named, and will perhaps remain anonymous, since criminal charges don’t appear to being pending. Eric Trump was described as declining to press charges against the woman who spat in his face.

The left will settle at nothing to create a potent environment of hostility for those who stand in the way of their dream of total societal and cultural control.

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