College Republican Establishment Tries to Deplatform America First Washington Chapter

Establishment operatives within the College Republican National Committee are leading a drive to decertify the University of Washington College Republicans for their strong America First affiliation, hoping to replace the group with a puppet organization founded by an anti-Trump partisan.

The campus club published a letter sent by Chandler Thornton, the national chairman of the CRNC. In the letter, Thornton makes a tattletale appeal to the university’s Vice President of Student Life, demanding he decertify the UWCRs as a campus club.

The letter called for the University of Washington to recognize the Husky Republicans, a relatively new group founded by a man named Jack Pickett. Pickett’s social media history is full of lengthy anti-Trump and liberal diatribes, taking great offense at America First conservatives.

Thornton goes on to claim that the UWCRs have lost their official CRNC recognition due to “hurtful and inappropriate conduct,” using snowflake terminology that leaves little to no doubt he’s no more than an enforcer for the politically correct elite of the Republican Party.

It’s laughable that the national College Republican committee wants to replace a staunchly conservative club with a fake, inorganic front group founded by an individual who’s gone on record stating they’d have preferred a Hillary Clinton presidency over Donald Trump’s election.

However, the tattletale bully may not get his way, as it appears other national College Republican groups have arisen in opposition to his attempt to squelch a thriving chapter. The statewide California College Republicans issued a press release blasting the CRNC’s authoritarian drive to decertify chapters for America First affiliations on Wednesday.

The local King County Republican Party also issued a statement rejecting the out-of-touch CRNC’s attempt to destroy the club, who they attest have been crucial in performing Republican activism and building a strong young conservative movement in the Seattle area.

It appears the CRNC’s political purge tactics are largely a dictate of the D.C. establishment Swamp, with little to no support from real College Republicans or Washington conservatives.

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