College Republicans Chapter Joins ANTIFA Crusade to Get Student Expelled for Right-Wing Beliefs

The George Mason University College Republicans (CRs) have joined in an ANTIFA crusade to eject a student from the university for having right-wing beliefs.

The CRs are crusading against Andrew Brewer, who has been identified as a potential member of the controversial Patriot Front group.

“Andrew Brewer is an 18-year-old fascist Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps cadet at Hohenfels Middle/High School and an incoming freshman at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Andrew attempted to the join the white supremacist hate group Patriot Front three separate times before his 18th birthday,” ANTIFA wrote on their blog.

Patriot Front has been called a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), but they claim they stand for “America First” ideals. They have displayed banners against third-world immigration and torn down covers that were hiding Confederate statues as apart of their activism.

ANTIFA wants Brewer to be expelled for GMU because of his beliefs, and has compiled information that they claim proves Brewer to be a Nazi. They are urging people to contact the university and attempt to ruin his life.

This is not the first time that CRs have joined with ANTIFA. Last year, they seemingly endorsed violence against a pro-Trump student by ANTIFA terrorists because the victim was wearing a red MAGA hat:

After four Texas State University (TSU) students were arrested following the assault of a conservative wearing a MAGA hat on campus Wednesday, the university’s College Republicans organization stood with the violent leftist thugs.

“We are sure… that the person in the hat went to the Quad for a simple reason: creating division and reaping attention from that division,” the TSU College Republicans said in an official statement.

“Unfortunately, the student who caused the altercations today used this sensitive moment to drive division and fear,” the letter added.

The letter ended with a tacit endorsement of leftist protesters and their ANTIFA-style tactics while implying that wearing a MAGA hat is a racist, hate-filled action.

“All people have the right to demonstrate, and Bobcats have the right to demonstrate our solidarity in opposition to abhorrent white supremacy,” the letter concluded.

The student who is assaulted, who goes by the alias Tyler M. to avoid retribution from leftist terrorists for speaking out, talked to Campus Report about what happened. He went to the public space because he had heard about a conservative biker group holding a protest and leftists planned a counter-protest.

The biker group never showed up, and the leftists moved to a different target. The bullies keyed in on Tyler M. because of his MAGA hat instead.

If the information presented in ANTIFA’s dox is legitimate and Brewer does in fact hold radical beliefs, that is still no reason for him to be expelled at a university that is supposed to be a free and open forum for ideas. The CRs are essentially participating in a leftist-driven witch hunt against the 1st Amendment.

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