Video: College students endorse Trump’s tax plan when told it’s Bernie’s tax plan

YouTube/Campus Reform/Screenshot

President Donald J. Trump’s tax plan may have been immediately shunned by the left — but college students quickly endorsed it when they thought the plan was drafted by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I.-Vt.), the Brooklyn-born socialist, who challenged former first lady Hillary R. Clinton all the way to the convention.

A reporter with Campus Reform set out doing man on the street interviews at George Washington University to find out how students felt about Trump’s tax plan, both when they knew it was coming from him — and when they didn’t.

“It’s not the most efficient, nor beneficial to the general populous,” one student said of Trump’s tax plan.

Another student said it would be better for the upper class than anyone else.

To see how students would feel about the bill without their anti-Trump biases getting in the way, the reporter switched to telling students that the plan came from Senator Sanders. The difference in reactions was outstanding.

The reporter explained that one part of the plan is to increase child tax credits, and all of the students who responded agreed that this would be positive.

The second aspect of Trump’s tax plan that he claimed belonged to Sander’s plan was the elimination of the death tax, again every student they spoke to agreed with abandoning this tax.

When told that “Bernie” is planning to lower the small business tax to a maximum of 25 percent, the students were delighted.

“Any way we can help small businesses work and thrive is beneficial for the country,” a student said. 

Finally, the students were asked how they felt about the plan overall. Each student explained how great the plan was, with one noting how much better Sander’s plan is than Trump’s.

The problem is, Sanders does not even have a tax plan.

“What if I told you that’s Trump’s tax plan, not Bernie’s?” Campus Reform eventually asked.

The students all appeared to be shocked, with one even admitting that there could be a plan for Trump to give her ice cream — and she would still be skeptical of what was in it, simply because of her complete opposition to the president.

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