COLLUSION? Obama Plans Intereference in Democrat Primary to Stifle Sanders Campaign

Former President Barack Obama is reportedly prepared to mount a last-ditch effort to prevent a Bernie Sanders nomination if the socialist Vermont Senator appears set to win the Democrat Primary.

The former President was quoted in Politico as holding out to do so in a scenario in which Sanders runs up a sizable lead in the primary campaign.

Obama is still popular with Democrat voters, and possibly would be utilized as last ditch effort to pull the party’s voters away from Sanders, should the need arise.

The establishment Democrat circles that carry over from Obama’s presidency have already made their distaste for the democratic socialist Senator clear. The DNC all-but-rigged their 2016 presidential primary against Sanders, coordinating to damage his campaign and elevate Hillary Clinton.

Should Obama mount an effort against Sanders, it’s likely Bernie’s supporters would cry afoul, accusing the Democrat National Committee of using the same old biased, underhanded tactics against the leftist presidential candidate.

Obama has generally avoided criticizing Sanders since he rose to prominence during his 2016 campaign, aware of the socialist’s popularity with populist segments of the Left. If he abandoned his pretense of neutrality in the primary, it would be clear that the former President’s loyalties lie with the establishment neoliberal wing of the Democrat Party.

When an Obama spokesman was asked about Politico’s report, he replied that the ex-President would campaign for whoever the Democrat nominee would be, without ruling out an effort to squelch the Sanders campaign.

The same report indicated that Obama was critical of Democrat fad candidate Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris, both candidates who have struggled to appeal to black voters, a crucial demographic in the Democratic primary.

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