Colorado Cake Shop Owner Sued to “Bake the Cake” Taken to Court AGAIN – This Time, Over Trans Cake

The owner of a Colorado cake shop is facing yet another lawsuit over declining to bake a cake with a pro-LGBTQ message, finding himself targeted yet again by perfidious litigants seeking to attack his Christian convictions.

Jack Philips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado, was first sued in 2012 for refusing to bake a cake to commemorate a homosexual wedding. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission signed off onto the legal campaign against Philips, accusing him of legally discriminating against a homosexual couple for declining to bake the cake. Philips was ultimately vindicated by the Supreme Court, which ruled that the state of Colorado had demonstrated “hostility” to his Christian beliefs, citing comparisons to his personal business choices with the Holocaust and slavery.

Now, Philips is being sued again for declining to bake a cake commemorating someone’s transgender transition. Civil proceedings against Masterpiece Cakeshop started again on Monday, with plantiff Autumn Scardina targeting the devout Christian for refusing to bake a pro-transgenderism cake.

Why not just bake the cake? That’s a question Jack Phillips gets asked a lot. Avoid years of litigation, avoid the death threats. Just make the cake. But Jack Phillips sees himself as an artist, and the cake as an expression of his soul,” argued one of Philips’ attorneys.

Evidence has emerged revealing that Scardina started harassing Philips in 2012 during the original controversy regarding him, indicating that the lawsuit is no less than legal warfare and a coordinated attack against Philips’ beliefs.

Scardina had brought a complaint before the Colorado Civil Rights Commission targeting Philips again, but the complaint ended with a settlement between Philips and the left-wing organization that ruled in the baker’s favor. The transgender woman is now suing Philips in state court for declining to bake a blue-and-pink transition cake for her transition to female.

Unfortunately, with support for LGBT ideology now codified into law in most American jurisdictions, Philips may stand to lose his cakeshop and be forced into bankruptcy over his own religious convictions.

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