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Comey Hiding ‘CLINTON EMAILS’ Binder Is Conflict of Interest For His Daughter in Epstein Case



James Comey’s daughter Maurene Comey is now a confirmed member of the Jeffrey Epstein prosecution team. Epstein faces child trafficking charges, but the establishment is fighting hard to obscure the links between Epstein and his friend and frequent travel companion Bill Clinton.

Considering the fact that Epstein had 21 different numbers plus email addresses for Bill Clinton, it becomes increasingly clear that Maurene Comey must recuse herself from the case in light of her father’s cover-up efforts for Hillary Clinton during her email scandal.

Former FBI director James Comey had a white binder marked “Clinton Emails” in his office on May 16, 2017, a few days after he was fired, as the Department of Justice was trying to get back the items in Comey’s office safe.

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The State Department and FBI also possessed a “Datto” backup email device for Hillary Clinton’s private email server, which a judge ordered released. Michael Bekesha, who waged the Datto case for Judicial Watch, tells Big League Politics that the State Department is “still processing the FBI investigative file,” even though Datto contents were ordered released by last September.

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Bekesha said it is possible that the State Department has not searched the device, which they received from Comey’s FBI, noting, “They have not yet identified the location of all the records that they reviewed and produced.”

Comey got busted by the DOJ for hiding his “Clinton Emails” binder after he got fired from the FBI, as Big League Politics exclusively reported.

The FBI officially released the DOJ’s “Inventory” Receipt for Property documents listing the stuff Comey had in his office safe.

Look below at Inventory Item #17, which originally said “TOP SECRET,” then that marking was crossed out. In its final form, it says:

‘White Binder – CLINTON EMAILS’

Here’s the scoop provided to Big League Politics by whistleblower Mark Pullen:

In the exit documents for James Comey’s departure from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a page among the documents showed Comey had a binder in his safe that contained Hillary Clinton’s emails. The document does not show what medium was used to store the emails within the binder. The binder could have had sleeved pages for CDs which could have had Clinton’s email to include the missing emails that were Bleach-Bit wiped by Paul Combetta while the server was under a subpoena order from Congress to preserve. In the FBI’s report on Clinton’s mishandling of Classified information, it has a page from then FBI agent Peter Strzok to the National Security Agency: an order to preserve any emails sent to or from We know from Edward Snowden’s disclosures that the NSA captures all email traffic within the United States. I am sure the NSA had all of Clinton’s emails even the ones she had deleted. The questions are, did Strzok take sole possession of the emails for the FBI? Were those emails in Comey’s safe the copies from the NSA? Comey said he expected a Clinton victory in the presidential election. Was Comey holding these emails as leverage over a possible future president Hillary Clinton to retain his position as the director of the FBI?”

Meanwhile, the Datto backup device was storing Clinton emails that the Clintons did not want stored, and Platte River Networks did NOT thoroughly encrypt Clinton’s emails on the server, as the Clintons demanded, according to an FBI report:

I reported exactly one week ago in a prescient piece for Big League Politics:

James Comey’s daughter Maurene Comey is an assistant U.S. attorney in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) office previously led by Preet Bharara, which is waging legal warfare against President Donald Trump.

Now we know that two FBI special agents from New York are personally tasked with harassing President Donald Trump donors far outside of New York — meaning that the Trump targeting never stopped.

Maurene Comey, who graduated from Harvard Law School in 2013, joined the Southern District of New York office as an Assistant United States Attorney in 2015, and has been there ever since. Her father was formerly a U.S. attorney in that notoriously political office. James Comey’s brother Peter Comey, meanwhile, works for DLA Piper, the law firm that did the Clinton Foundation’s taxes. The Comey brothers met during the course of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Here is Maurene Comey singing a Whitney Houston song at the College of William and Mary in 2010.

I reported exclusively: 

Two Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents recently showed up to question a businessperson in another state about his/her brother’s possible donations to the Republican National Committee during the President Donald Trump campaign.

The two special agents showed up in an FBI car with yellow New York plates in this faraway state, meaning that the New York office is handling this operation without farming it out to local agents. The license plate of the FBI car was HMV8617, and the agents showed up at 7 AM. James Comey’s daughter Maurene is an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York, the virulently anti-Trump office previously led by Preet Bharara.

Anthony Casola worked the Louisville basketball pay-to-play corruption case involving Adidas.


GOP Hack Smack Talks Brave Conservative Activist Gavin Wax



New York Republican politics has gone through some interesting development as of late.

And it’s largely thanks to the actions of Gavin Wax, the president of the New York Young Republican Club.

Wax made noise on June 28, 2020 when the Young Republican Club rallied around the statue of Theodore Roosevelt at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Since then, he has made numerous appearances on Fox News to talk about this rally and stand up for Americans in a time when social disorder is ripping America apart and law enforcement has been under constant siege by deranged leftist mobs.

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However, not everyone has been particular happy about Wax and his group’s work.

One of those people is Kevin Tschirhart, the Chief of Staff for New York City Council Member Eric Ulrich.

As the rally took place, Tschirhart sat on the sidelines and took a not-so subtle shot at the organizers who were using Teddy Roosevelt’s legacy as the theme of their rally.

He tweeted, “Losers who lose elections will always take shots from the sidelines, They’ll quote Teddy Roosevelt, but won’t get in the arena themselves. They know nothing.

Wax then tweeted, “.@kevintschirhart: You get paid by NY taxpayers. Please explain why you called the patriots who rallied to defend our police, to stand for our flag & anthem, & to protect our history “losers” who can only“ quote Teddy Roosevelt”? Seems insulting & patronizing. No gaslighting plz!”

Tschirhart backtracked and tried to play nice with Wax in the DMs saying “It wasn’t about the protest. Really wasn’t” after Wax pressed him further on the issue.

However, Wax was not satisfied with Tschirhart’s conduct.

BLP reached out to Wax to get his perspective on the situation, which has bec ome a topic of interest in New York Republican circles.

Wax told BLP that the Young Republican Club went out of their way to draw hundreds of people from across New York and neighboring states, with a rabbi passing out from heat exhaustion at the event.

Tschirhart is the chief of staff for Erich Ulrich, the only elected Republican in the New York City Council in the Queens borough.

Ulrich is no ordinary council member. Previously he plead for clemency for a convicted sexual predator and mafia associate Robert Pisani. Additionally, Ulrich called out President Trump in 2017 for his suggestion to defund sanctuary cities. So, Tschirhart is not exactly keeping the best company by working under Ulrich.

What this recent Twitter drama indicates is that there are still many individuals in the Republican Party who are not dialed in and avail themselves to petty politics.

When the social cohesion of the country is on the line and numerous rights such as the Second Amendment and free speech are under unprecedented threats, petty squabbling should be avoided as much as possible.

Trying times call for people to act, not talk smack on the sidelines.


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