Communist Holiday Shot Down In California Despite Democrat Votes

California Democratic state Assemblyman Miguel Santiago of Los Angeles made a concerted push to get through a bill to recognize International Worker’s Day (i.e. “May Day”) and make room for it in schools by combing Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays into President’s Day.

Santiago’s bill made it out of committee and onto the Assembly floor. It only lost 27-22.

29 Democrats abstained!

Here is Santiago’s bill (h/t Legal Insurrection):

“authorize a school district, county office of education, or charter school, instead of observing “Washington Day” and “Lincoln Day” as separate school holidays, to designate the 3rd Monday in February as a single school holiday to be known as “Presidents’ Day,” if the school district, county office of education, or charter school designates May 1 as “International Workers’ Day” and closes its school, or schools, as applicable, on the Monday or Friday of the week in which May 1 occurs to observe “International Workers’ Day.” The bill would require schools that elect to observe “Presidents’ Day” and “International Workers’ Day,” pursuant to the bill’s provisions, to hold exercises in memory of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington and to commemorate and direct attention to the history of labor movements in the United States.”

It’s scary how close Democrats are coming to inflict Communist ideologies on the American public school system.

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