Comprehensive Peace Talks Over Ukraine/Russia Conflict are Expected to Take Place in July

Comprehensive peace talks with Russia, Ukraine and various other state actors are expected to take place in July, according to German state-TV channel ARD.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan appeared at an event in Copenhagen, Denmark last week where he attempted to get neutral countries like Brazil, China, India and South Africa on board with the peace talks. Sullivan along with high-ranking State Department official Victoria Nuland have been tapped to lead a “diplomatic offensive” on behalf of Ukraine.

Big League Politics has reported on the war effort backfiring in Ukraine as Russia grows stronger and more aligned with China while U.S. and Western powers waste countless billions in resources:

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin stated on Wednesday that the relationship between Russia and China has reached an “unprecedented high level” as the American foreign policy in Ukraine backfires spectacularly.

China, the world’s fastest rising superpower, has embraced Russia due to the psychotic belligerence of the U.S. government as they create a dangerous proxy war in Ukraine and inch closer to World War 3. The U.S. is also threatening China over their policy regarding Taiwan. The result is that Russia is growing closer with more powerful global allies.

“Today, relations between Russia and China are at an unprecedented high level,” Mishustin said while speaking with Chinese Premier Li Qiang in Beijing.

“They are characterized by mutual respect of each other’s interests, the desire to jointly respond to challenges, which is associated with increased turbulence in the international arena and the pattern of sensational pressure from the collective West,” Mishustin added.

At Mishustin’s visit, Russia and China signed additional agreements to boost trade between the nations, which is already skyrocketing astronomically. China has become Russia’s leading energy customer, with Russian energy sales to China anticipated to rise by 40 percent year-over-year from 2022 to 2023. Overall trade between the nations is expected to reach $200 billion in 2023, up $10 billion from 2022…

The U.S.-backed War in Ukraine is going to be as much of a disaster as the War in Iraq or the War in Afghanistan. The U.S. Empire will never learn any lessons and continue to endure blowback until it inevitably collapses – and not a moment too soon.”

After Ukraine’s counter-offensive failed abysmally, it looks like the West is finally ready to pull the plug on their war effort. The amount of death and destruction that has been resulted from this unnecessary conflict is beyond tragic.

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