Conceived in Rape: Pro-Life Survivor Calls Out Abortion Activists Exploiting His Story

A popular talking point from liberals in the aftermath of a new Alabama law that would criminalize most abortions is that rape victims would be forced to bear their children.

The implication here from the left is that babies conceived in rape deserve to be killed in the womb, and that’s a notion that pro-life activist Ryan Scott Bomberger finds reprehensible.

Bomberger, an African-American male, was conceived in rape and wrote an article expressing his frustration toward the disingenuous left titled, “I Am The 1 Percent Used To Justify 100 Percent Of Abortions.”

“My biological mother was raped, yet she rejected the violence of abortion. I was adopted and loved instead. I’m not the ‘residue of the rapist’, as Senator Vivian Davis Figures described those like me who were conceived in rape,” Bomberger wrote for the Radiance Foundation.

Alabama state Senator Vivian Davis Figures (D-Mobile) used the abortion bill debate as an opportunity to grandstand for mainstream media cameras:

“I couldn’t control the circumstances of my conception. Could you, Senator?” Bomberger asked the Democrat lawmaker.

“My birthmom needed an active Healer in her life, not an activist huckster,” he added.

Bomberger gave the examples of Rebecca Kiessling, Valerie Gatto, Trayvon Clifton, Monica Kelsey, Jim Sable and Pam Stenzel as individuals who have led productive, inspirational lives after being conceived in rape.

“When it comes to rape and abortion, how do you heal violence with more violence?” Bomberger asked.

He makes it clear that extremists within the Democratic Party would be making these histrionic comparisons regardless of whether or not pro-life activists cede any ground on the issue.

“Even if Alabama’s Human Life Protection Act had a rape and incest exception, the confused Handmaid’s Tale cosplayers would still be out in full force. Fake feminists need to exploit tragedy to promote their false equality. And they never seem to find space in their screeds to talk about punishing the actual criminal—the rapist,” Bomberger wrote.

Bomberger pointed to an admission by Ron Fitzsimmons, the executive director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, that partial-birth abortion is “common,” the blackfaced Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s tacit endorsement of infanticide, and the newborn butchery of convicted mass murderer Kermit Gosnell to show examples of barbarism caused by the abortion industry.

“Fake feminism is the extremism. It sees compassion in an act of violence. It sees strength when someone succumbs to despair. It sees (selfish) autonomy where God designed selfless dependency,” Bomberger wrote.

The controversial new Alabama law prohibiting most abortions is expected to be challenged by the courts, and perhaps even be taken up by the Supreme Court at some point.

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