Conflicting Reports On The Package Allegedly Received By Governor Cuomo

CNN reported that a “suspicious package” delivered to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office did not contain explosives.

Most of the mainstream reports on this subject only acknowledge one package sent to Cuomo. But a Cuomo spokesman inexplicably said that Cuomo actually did receive a suspicious package after the first package was deemed not to be a threat. The Cuomo spokesman said that the governor was briefed on the second package and announced it in real time.

Now, the Cuomo spokesman — apparently only referring to one package — said that the package contained “computer files” on the Proud Boys, which seems to contradict a CNN reporter’s claim that the package contained “literature.” Do computer files count as literature?

A photo has emerged with the term “PROUD BOYS INFO” written in sharpie on the outside of the envelope allegedly sent to Cuomo’s office.

The apparent confusion is garnering scrutiny on social media, by people who are demanding answers in this very serious investigation.

Here is CNN’s Erica Orden at 2:01 PM Eastern saying the package was “in fact just an informational package containing literature.”

Here is Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi revealing the existence of the Proud Boys computer files at 2:26 PM.

Here is a previous tweet from Azzopardi apparently talking about two different packages, which he tweeted at 1:31 PM:

Here is a photograph of the alleged envelope, marked “PROUD BOYS INFO.”

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