CONGRATS: Democrat Congressman Gives Ann Coulter Credit For The Shutdown

Democrat congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland gave writer Ann Coulter credit on the House floor Wednesday for inspiring President Donald Trump to keep the government shut down.

Raskin said that Trump apparently saw one of Ann Coulter’s commentaries and then “changed his mind” and decided to keep going.

President Trump has all the leverage in these negotiations, as evidenced by Democrats expressing openness to “physical barriers,” “infrastructure on the border,” and a “partial wall.”

President Trump can build the Wall through the national emergency option, especially considering the fact that the United States has 31 active emergencies declared by Trump and previous presidents, including 11 active emergencies declared by Barack Obama. (READ: How President Trump Can Get Around The Ninth Circuit To Build The Wall).

Furloughed federal workers can be laid off using the “Reduction In Force” procedure after 30 days. The government has been shut down for 26 days. Laying off the non-essential workers would save taxpayers more than $1 billion per week, according to data compiled by the Center for American Progress.

Update: President Trump has signed the bill guaranteeing back pay to furloughed government workers.

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