Congress Could Attempt Show Impeachment Trial Against Donald Trump AFTER He Leaves Office

The Senate could proceed with a sham impeachment trial against President Donald Trump even after Trump leaves office. Democrats have pledged to ram through an impeachment in response to a raucous protest outside of the US Capitol building this week, in which Trump supporters breached the Capitol and disrupted the counting of electoral college votes.

It would be unlawful for the House of Representatives to enact an impeachment resolution after Trump leaves office, but some legal scholars have claimed the Senate could proceed with an impeachment passed by the House after the President leaves office.

The House of Representatives is expected to begin impeachment proceedings on Monday, and will seek to railroad through a sloppy impeachment through the lower chamber before Trump leaves office on January 20th. Such an attempt will break every record in congressional history  for impeachment proceedings, and will likely deny the President an opportunity to select legal counsel and present arguments in his own defense.

Mitch McConnell circulated a memo Saturday suggesting that the Senate could only begin an impeachment trial after President Trump leaves office on January 20th. It’s possible that the Senate Majority Leader would block a futile and time-wasting sham impeachment of a former President, but it’s not an impossibility that McConnell will devote precious legislative time and energy to the charade. Longtime anti-Trump Republican Senators Ben Sasse and Lisa Murkowski have suggested they’d line up behind such an effort, which would require fourteen further Republican Senators to convict Trump.

Establishment liberals would go through with the charade as an attempt to humiliate President Trump and his supporters- just months after Trump secured a record-setting 74 million votes- acting out of sheer spite and vindictiveness. Impeachment would also legally prevent President Trump from running for President in 2024, conveniently eliminating the possibility of Trump challenging the Democrats through power in an election without so much as a single vote.

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