Congress Devolves Into AOC-Led Therapy Session, House Members Cry While Detailing Their “Lived Experiences”

Michael Tracey, a left-wing journalist hated by many leftists for his frequent attacks on their sacred cows, published an op-ed in the New York Post on the embarrassing spectacle that turned the House floor into one giant therapy session.

His piece focused exclusively on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because of her central role in the spectacle and her incessant storytelling about the so-called Capitol “insurrection” on January 6.

Perhaps AOC did genuinely fear for her life during the Capitol riot on January 6, but since when are a politician’s purported ‘fears’ mindlessly validated by journalists, instead of probed for factual and logical accuracy?” Tracey wrote. “For one thing, there is no evidence that any of the scatterbrained MAGA rioters ever entered the halls of the House Office Buildings, where she was hunkering down during the ordeal. And the dramatic story she told Instagram on Monday night culminated with the somewhat incongruous revelation that an intruder she’d assumed was going to kill her instead turned out to be a Capitol Police officer—not some bloodthirsty ‘insurrectionist’ maniac.”

On Thursday evening Nancy Pelosi gave AOC one hour to allow representatives to share their “lived experiences” and “trauma” on the House floor. Two of the most cringeworthy moments came from Rep. Dean Phillips (MN-03), who sobbed while apologizing to AOC for not initially recognizing his “privilege,” and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (MI-13), who blubbered through her remarks sentence by sentence while AOC consoled her.

Tracey points out that AOC, despite the perception that she’s a naïve ignoramus whose ideological zeal far outweighs her actual policy knowledge, is a “highly skilled political communicator.” If she weren’t, her political star wouldn’t have meteorically risen a couple years ago and she wouldn’t be able to receive both gushing coverage on the left and hostile coverage on the right.

A prime example of her communication skill is her invocation of a past sexual assault incident while telling her harrowing Capitol tale. The incident has absolutely nothing to do with the Capitol breach per se, but as Tracey writes, the point is to “connect the ‘trauma’ from that alleged incident to the ‘trauma’ she incurred on January 6. This heightens the emotional salience of her demands for extreme remedial action—everything from the expulsion of members of Congress to censorship purges.”

Now we’re entering dangerous territory. We may deride and laugh at AOC all we’d like, but she’s being completely serious. Although she may feel a compulsion to draw attention to herself, she’s not doing this “woe is me” shtick exclusively for attention. She’s doing it to manipulate others into sympathizing and coming to her side, to exalt the primacy of the emotions over the intellect, and, above all, to effect social and political change.

We’ve become a soft, feminized country. We’ve become utter weaklings and pathetic grovelers. We’re little more than two weeks into Joe Biden’s presidency and our congressional representatives have demonstrated their inability to accomplish anything besides removing people from committee assignments and allowing people to tearfully share their “traumatic lived experiences” at the hands of evilnaziwhitesupremacists. We’re watching the acceleration of American political, cultural, and moral decline happen in real time.

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