Congress just voted themselves an indirect raise-for the great job they are doing, apparently.

To the surprise of absolutely no one,  while we were occupied with the fun and games in the Ukraine last week, our Gum’Ment™ quietly passed a $1.5 trillion omnibus bill to keep the government open and running-as America’s debt sits at over $30 trillion, according to

And, oh gee what a shock-guess what we find if we do a little digging?

According to Roll Call, the legislative branch received $5.9 billion from our overlords in Washington, D.C., including a 21 percent rise to $774.4 million ($134.4 million more than previous year) for the Members Representational Allowance (MRA), which pays House workers up to $199,000. There’s also $18 million or so in petty cash to pay for paid House interns.

“But wait! “I hear you say-”What about the Senate? Surely we are not leaving those poor fellows out in the cold!” Fear not, the Senate received $1.1 billion to pay staffer salaries and operations, and $7 million for interns. 

The bill increased funding to the Capitol Police jumped  to $602 million, which you will be relieved to know allows for the hiring of 2,000 some-odd new sworn officers and 450 civilian employees that do not have to answer to any for of Congressional oversight and are immune from Freedom of Information requests

Our own personal Gestapo!

Now, to be fair, Roll Call did note that the bill does not directly increase pay of members of the House or Senate. (wink, nudge)

It’s not technically a pay hike for congress members, but, in particular House members, are notorious for putting family members on the payroll,” Daniel Greenfield wrote. “And for using staffers to run their errands and handle assorted personal projects for them.” 

Congress, under both (Donald) Trump and (Joe) Biden, spent $7 trillion we didn’t have, in the name of COVID. There wasn’t $7 trillion available to borrow, so of course we printed trillions of dollars. Anyone who is telling you this didn’t cause inflation is either ignorant or lying.”—Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky)

Meanwhile, America is on the verge of economic collapse.

Tyler Durden, for Zero Hedge, is warning “a food crisis in America is emerging,” based on Douglass Karr, the creator of Martech Zone’s comments 

Karr said he spoke with numerous folks in the food industry who said farmers in the South and Midwest are having trouble procuring fertilizer to grow crops ahead of planting season,” Durden wrote. 

He said farmers in the Midwest are “switching”, likely referring to crops that need fewer nutrients because they can’t get nitrogen for fertilizer. 

Nitrogen is supplied most commonly through Urea. 

Urea is required for production of most fertilizers. And guess where we get that? 

From natural gas and oil. And where does the majority of THAT come from? 


Ukraine. Starting to see a pattern?

There’s more concerning news on food, as around 3  million chickens and turkeys died of the bird flu in one month. 

In a joint Senate-House vote on Thursday, $14 billion was approved for the Ukraine, primarily for weapons.

It’s no wonder that the stock market linked to the military industrial complex is soaring while the rest of the market is falling. Furthermore, while the political elite send billions to other parts of the globe, approximately 4 million children in the United States got slapped back into being destitute.

According to a recent Columbia University analysis, the government’s elimination of the child tax credit resulted in roughly 4 million U.S. children getting pushed back into poverty by late January.

While the child tax credit was a band-aid solution to a much greater problem, it helped millions of children and is a drop in the bucket compared to what the United States spends on war every year. 

Instead of assisting starving American children, the war hawks are now requesting more funds for the war-after 4 years of screaming how Darth Cheeto was going to be the one who was going to get us into a conflict.

Jen Psaki was just bragging that Biden and his cronies were responsible for “ collapsing the Russian economy”.

Going out on a limb here, but it looks like that makes them two-for-two.



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