Congressional Candidate Assaulted by ANTIFA-Style Terrorists After Campaign Event, According to Report

Left-wing anarchist groups allegedly committed a gang assault against a Democratic-Socialist candidate running for Congress in Texas shortly after one of her campaign events.

Heidi Sloan, a Bernie Sanders supporter who represents the Democratic Socialists of America, is running for Congress for the 25th Congressional District in Texas. She is opposing Democrat Julie Oliver in the Democrat Party primary next year. Despite her far-left politics, apparently Sloan was not spared from the wrath of the ANTIFA-style coalition.

Sloan claims that an ANTIFA-style coalition of leftist-anarchists – including the Incendiary News Service, the Red Guards, and Defend Our Hoodz – stalked her, harassed her, shoved her, pelted her with eggs, and doused her with red paint after she left a campaign event.

“The line had been crossed between political differences and physical assault,” said Sloan.

One of the terror groups bragged about accosting Sloan after the fact, claiming the violent display was necessary to show “those who collaborate with fascism and imperialism” that it is “not safe to operate in the working class neighborhoods that are home to revolutionary work.”

“The DSA regularly touts its admiration for democracy, but Sloan’s canvassing campaign and that of other DSA candidates show that the path of electoral politics is not up for discussion. Candidates like Sloan set the agenda, and the rank and file is expected to do the grunt work to support the political careers of these so-called leaders,” the terror group Incendiary News Service wrote on their website about their premeditated assault.

“What the DSA, and candidates like Sloan admire is not the democracy of the working class, which can only be won through revolutionary violence, but the so-called democracy of the owner class, which simultaneously staves off revolution while making itself available only to those who carry out the exploitation,” they added.

Sloan believes the actions of these left-wing terror groups, which use violence in the hope to prevent people from engaging in the political process, are a form of voter suppression.

“That’s a form of voter suppression. That is continuing to propagate oppression we have seen for too long. And I think it’s time we speak out against that,” said Sloan.

Sloan’s opponent released a statement denouncing the violence used by these ANTIFA-style thugs against her competitor.

“I’m extremely upset to hear that Heidi Sloan was assaulted by a destructive group whose aim is suppressing turnout in Black and working-class communities. She should be treated with respect, and I want her team to know we’re united against those seeking to intimidate, harass, and prevent progress,” said Oliver.

Despite what happened, Sloan has refused to file a police report and hold these left-wing terror groups to account. Sloan demonstrates how weak leftists allow communist terrorism to fester without consequences.

Only after ANTIFA and similar groups are declared terrorist organizations at the federal level can this civilizational threat be crushed, once and for all.


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