Congressional Candidate Joe Kent: My ‘America First’ Economic Agenda Will Challenge Establishment Republicans and Democrats

Congressional candidate Joe Kent recently appeared on Big League Politics Live where he fleshed out the “America First” philosophy that has motivated his candidacy for public office.

“To me, America First is everything. It intertwines domestic policy and foreign policy so here back home, we’ve been told up until the time President Trump came back on the scene, we’ve been told that manufacturing jobs, working class jobs, were pretty much leaving America,” Kent said.

He explained how the timber industry has been decimated in the state of Washington because of environmental regulations, and this has been the case throughout the country as industries have been offshored and quality jobs have been decimated.

“The working class people just had to deal with that, and that was pretty much I’d say economic doctrine preached by the Left and the Right ever since we signed on to the normalization of China agreement back in 2000 with, of course, the support of Joe Biden at the time, and the Clinton’s, and the Bush’s,” Kent said.

“But then when Trump came on the scene, he really flipped that on its head,” he added.

Kent said that Trump’s policies were working, and he will advocate for an expansion of those policies while in Congress. He made the point that these are the policies that will keep us stronger against our foreign adversaries.

“So when Trump came in, not only did he hold China to account for all their intellectual property theft and to really bring back American manufacturing here in the states, he also gave us a good deal of an economic boom to strengthen our economy and make us not so vulnerable with inflation and debt like we are now under Biden,” he said, adding that Trump’s domestic energy policy also created jobs and made Americans safer.

It is clear that America First would be at the core of Kent’s philosophy as a legislator in Congress.

“So to me, everything is deeply intertwined. We have to put our country first, strengthen our economy, and then be able to use our economy as our main tool, as opposed to military force, against our adversaries. So that’s what America First really means to me,” he said.

The full BLP Live video featuring Kent can be seen here:

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