Congressional Failure Denver Riggleman Begs CNN’s Jake Tapper for Respect While Denouncing QAnon Movement

Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA), the gay marriage lovinNever Trumpin’ libertine, is getting ready to leave office after being rejected by Republican voters in the 5th Congressional District, and he may already be auditioning for a new job with the world’s leader in fake news.

Riggleman blasted QAnon supporters in a recent Facebook post in which he begged CNN host Jake Tapper for respect and credibility.

“#QAnon has the same number of letters as Moron,” Riggleman wrote on his official Facebook page bashing the movement of Trump supporters focused on stopping child abuse and illegal sex trafficking.

“I’m a 9/11 #USAF veteran. I deployed. My buddy was in the Pentagon when Flight 77 hit. #Truthers and QAnon are enemies to intelligence and common sense,” he added. “The GOP is better than this Jake Tapper.”

Riggleman made his post in reference to a Tapper clip in which the CNN hack was bashing Congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. She has refused to back down after receiving considerable flak for being a QAnon supporter.

Greene has shown a massive backbone, repeatedly refusing to back down to her opponents in the GOP establishment. The Georgia voters rewarded her strength with an overwhelming primary victory last week.

“I will not let them whip me into submission,” Greene said in a Facebook post about her GOP detractors. “And the voters of Northwest Georgia will not let the DC Swamp and the Fake News Media tell them who to vote for.”

Additionally, Greene has postured boldly against ANTIFA terrorists, vowing to use her 2nd Amendment rights to keep these leftist terrorists out of her district if necessary.

Greene’s brand of hardcore conservatism is on the rise within the GOP while Riggleman’s brand of lukewarm libertarianism is on the outs. Riggleman was defeated soundly by Christian conservative challenger Bob Good in June in an incredibly humiliating loss for the incumbent. Riggleman has become known as the Hillary Clinton of the VAGOP after refusing to admit defeat despite losing fair and square.

“Voting irregularities and ballot stuffing has been reported in multiple counties in the #VA05. Voter fraud has been a hallmark of this nomination process and I will not stand for it,” Riggleman said following his loss, refusing to accept his failure gracefully.

“Republican Party of Virginia needs to reevaluate their priorities. We are evaluating all our options at this time,” he added.

However, Riggleman’s delusions officially came to an end today when a Richmond judge confirmed that Good would in fact be on the ballot in November. This means Riggleman will be out of office after this year.

“A few minutes ago, a Judge (in Richmond) dismissed the case put forward by the DCCC seeking to overturn the ruling of the Board of Elections in which it granted an extension to Bob Good and Nick Frietas, whose campaigns narrowly missed a filing deadline in June. The Judge ruled that the appeal had no merit,” 5th District GOP Chairman Melvin Adams wrote in a Facebook post.

“This is a significant victory for Republicans: for our Nominees, for our voters in the 5th and 7th Districts and for our Party,” he added.

Riggleman will be fighting fellow disgraced loser, outgoing Congressman Justin Amash, for airtime on the fake news stations starting next year. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

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