Congressional Republicans Introduce New Pro-Gun Legislation

On February 28, 2023, Virginia Congressman Bob Good and Pennsylvania Congressman Scott Perry introduced the Second Amendment Restoration Project. This is a multi-bill legislative package concentrated on protecting the Second Amendment rights of lawful Americans and rolling back federal agencies and their executive powers.

The National Association for Gun Rights worked with the offices of both congressmen in the last few months to get this pro-gun legislation drafted and introduced during the first months of the 118th Congress. 

“As Joe Biden and leftist controlled federal agencies continue their assault on the Second Amendment, we refuse to stand idly by and let them harass law-abiding Americans,” stated Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights. “That’s why we sat down with Representatives Good and Perry – we need strong legislation to fire back at the incessant anti-gun policies of Biden and his machine.”

Some of the bills part of the Second Amendment Restoration Project are as NAGR outlined below in a press release:

  • The Federal Agent Responsibility Act which prohibits the FBI and ATF from coordinating with local law enforcement to carry out “no-knock” raids that pose an unreasonable risk to the public – Rep. Bob Good (R-VA)
  • The Protecting Gun Rights and Due Process Act which strengthens the due process rights of gun owners by requiring notice, an opportunity to be heard, and legal adjudication before placing an individual on the prohibited persons list – Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA)

“We’re proud to introduce the Second Amendment Restoration Project, a package of bills that further protects law-abiding gun owners from unconstitutional government overreach and preserves the rights of Americans in the court of law. We’re thankful for working with the great Second Amendment advocates at the National Association for Gun Rights, and we urge our colleagues to join us in cosponsoring these vital bills to safeguard the freedoms of the American People,” congressman Good and Perry stated.

NAGR is lobbying all US House members to co-sponsor each legislative proposal and is calling on Republican leadership in the House to bring both up for a hearing and a subsequent vote.

In the video below, Bob Good talks about the Second Amendment Restoration Project:

This legislative package is a good first step in putting the gun control regulatory state on a diet. Obviously, this bill will likely die in the Senate due to Democratic control. Though it’s still a good move in creating momentum in pushing back against Gun Control Inc. Se

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