Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont Says AR-15s Should Not be Allowed in the State

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont is considering a proposal to terminate or repeal a grandfathering provision in an anti-gun bill to compel residents to turn over any AR-15s they possess.

According to a report by the CT Mirror, the Connecticut General Assembly recently passed two “assault weapons” prohibitions that featured a grandfather clause, that allows owners of the banned firearms to keep them.

Lamont views the clause as “a loophole” that makes “society … in Connecticut a little less safe.”

Lamont continued sounding off against AR-15s: “(AR-15s) should not be allowed in the state of Connecticut. I think they’re killers … I think they’re incredibly dangerous in our community. You’re not serious about crime if you leave them on the street.”

AWR Hawkins of Breitbart News noted that the hysteria about AR-15s is largely unfounded. He pointed to a previous Breitbart News report, where it outlined how FBI figures demonstrated that “over twice as many people were killed with knives and other cutting tools than were killed with rifles in 2021.”

In addition he observed that the FBI classification for rifles includes the following rifles: 

“Pump action, lever action, single shot, bolt action, fixed magazine semiautomatic, and the wildly popular semiautomatics that use detachable magazines.”

Connecticut is one of the most anti-gun states in the Union. According to Guns & Ammo magazine’s best states for gun owners rankings, Connecticut is ranked in a terrible 45th place.

Ever since the Sandy Hook massacre of 2012, when a deranged gunman killed 26 people, Connecticut has taken a sharp anti-gun turn. 

So it’s not surprising that Lamont is pursuing such heavy-handed gun control measures. WIth how polarized blue states are becoming these days we could be reaching a point where blue states will fully destroy the Second Amendment. 

At that point, gun owners in blue states will either have to leave those states or set up Second Amendment sanctuaries in rural areas of those respective states. 

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