Connecticut School District Approves Transgender Book For Second Grade Students

Earlier this week, a school in Connecticut approved a book about a young male who wants to become transgender for second grade students. This decision was made despite immense pushback from parents.

Per the Darien Public School District’s Curriculum Team, saidJulian Is A Mermaid,” is a book about a boy, who wants to emulate the women he saw dressed as mermaids. He eventually tells his grandmother about his gender identity change  to his grandmother. The school district deemed the book to be appropriate and will still be available in the school for second grade students, per an email the Daily Caller was able to obtain. Superintendent Alan Addley stated that the book is an integral part of  the school’s social and emotional learning curriculum. However, parents said to the Daily Caller that they are not pleased with the way the district has handled this book matter.

“Here we have a group of people who are essentially controlling the entire curriculum, and if something comes up, it falls back into [the administration’s] lap,” said Megan Watros, the mother of a second grade student in the district. “Their attitudes towards the control over the curriculum, they think they own our children. It’s a very scary thing that’s going on. I don’t understand it. I hold strong to my point that this is inappropriate for my seven year old daughter. It’s not right.”

Watros noted that on October 25, 2022 the district’s Board of  Education was informed about the book, which the Darien Public School District’s Curriculum Team approved on November 23. 

According to Watros, she initially learned about the book in the district while talking with her daughter after school.

“We’re at the dinner table talking and she kept telling me about the story,” Watros recounted. “She starts saying things to me that she’s never ever said before. The comment she made, it was clear there was a gender discussion. She asked her little brother questions about his [gender] and I just want to tell you my stomach just dropped. I could not believe my ears.”

Multiple parents emailed the board voicing their opposition to featuring the book in the second grade curriculum. 

“Including a book specifically designed to introduce gender identity and drag and then telling us it is categorically not, that is unacceptable,” declared Jackie Lenich, a concerned parent of a second grader enrolled in the school district. “[I am] disappointed in the administration’s response. They are being dishonest and disingenuous.”

Incidents of this nature will proliferate if the Right does not work to take schools back from the Left. Sure privatizing schools and bringing about school choice are solid long-term goals, but in short- to medium-term, public schools must be thoroughly purged of woke influence. This kind of degeneracy cannot be allowed to be disseminated in venues where there are millions of impressionable minds. 

Punishing cultural leftists for poisoning the minds of our youth with wokism is long overdue. 


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