Conservative Freshmen at UT Austin are Threatned with Doxxing

A Texas group is threatening to release personal information of incoming freshmen who plan to join conservative student groups

Campus Reform reports that a leftist Texas group is threatening to publish the personal information of newly arriving freshman who plan to join conservative organizations at the University of Texas at Austin.

The Autonomous Student Network in Austin, Texas is the group that wants to effectively dox conservative students on campus. This group was notoriously suspended from Twitter after publishing private information that belonged to supporters of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during the Justice’s nomination process.



Earlier in the month, the group tweeted, “Hey #UT23! Do you wanna be famous? If you join YCT [Young Conservatives of Texas] or Turning Point USA, you just might be. Your name and more could end up on an article like one of these.” It linked to a page on its website, where it previously published the emails and phone numbers of Kavanaugh supporters.
The group added, “So be sure to make smart choices at #UTOrientation.”

The group even threatened doxxing by stating that “Your name and more could end up on an article like one of these…”

In another tweet, the group declared “the best #LonghornStateOfMind is an antifascist one. If you begin to spot the young racists trying to join YCT or TPUSA, send us a tip so we can keep our reports up to date #UT23. Also, if you’re an antifascist/anarchist/autonomy inclined Longhorn, reach out & let’s link up!”

The chairman of the Young Conservatives of Texas chapter at Texas State University, Sebastian Quaid, said that this group’s threats were “completely ridiculous!”

Quaid told Campus Reform, “This is the same thug mentality we have to deal with at Texas State.” He added, “The irony of this is, when they were trying to ban conservative organizations at Texas State, they said it was because conservatives stalk, harass, and dox the liberal students.”

The radical Left on campuses nationwide has become emboldened since Trump was elected.

Not only are they harassing right-wing students, but they are also demanding that universities partake in the destruction of history by removing monuments of famous Americans.

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