Conservative Organization Announces Alliances with Italian Youth Populist League

Earlier this week, the New York Young Republican Club announced its official cooperation with Lega Giovani, the youth wing of the Lega party in Italy.

Lega has built its reputation as one of the fastest growing political parties in Italy and one of the premier populist parties in Europe.

In a statement signed by the New York Young Republican Club President Gavin Wax and Member of the Italian Parliament Luca Toccalini, they described Lega’s political platform as one that promotes “many of the same themes as President Donald J Trump, such as halting illegal immigration and resisting the rising tide of globalism.”

In the populist conservatives’ view, “forging new ties between likeminded patriotic youth movements around the world is necessary and beneficial to counter the Left’s growing international networks.”

They believe that cooperation “will bring our respective nations closer together, and we will collaborate to counter the international threat to Western civilization.”

The two conservative groups recognize the importance of the Italian-American demographic — with 1.3 million Italians and Italian-Americans living in the New York City metropolitan area — as a potential voting bloc for Lega in future elections. Their cooperative efforts will involve the New York Young Republican Club assisting Lega Giovani “in outreach to New Yorkers of Italian origin who are eligible to vote in the next Italian election.”

In addition, the New York Young Republican Club and Lega Giovani are collaborating to protect Christopher Columbus statues in the United States. The New York Young Republican Club announced that it “will seek to preserve and protect these statues from the radical mobs intent on destroying our shared heritage and rewriting our history.”

The two organizations concluded:

The New York Young Republican Club and Lega Giovani look forward to conducting joint events in the near future as part of what both organizations hope will be an extensive and constructive relationship.

The partnership that these two groups have crafted is a model that other conservative organizations should emulate.

There is always strength in numbers and no one lives on an island in politics.

The joint statement can be read here.

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