Conservatives Resurface MORE WOKE ADS From Miller Light, Ford Following Bud Light’s Mulvaney Controversy That Has Fueled Tanking Stock

Conservatives often threaten mega corporations with boycotts after they double down on LGBTQ+ and progressive stances. Especially when those stances go head on against their values, beliefs, and principles. 

Truth be told, most of these so-called boycotts are short lived. But no one is questioning the impact conservatives have had on Anheuser-Busch’s stock status after Bud Light chose trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney for its specialty beer cans.

Bud Light has been objectively struggling in recent weeks, prompting conservatives to start paying closer attention to other companies and their woke ads that insult the vast majority of their customer base.

Two ads that have resurfaced this week include Miller Light’s feminist ad that basically cusses at its audience over and over while explaining why men are evil.


The other company in the hot seat right now is Ford, who aimed to redefine toughness nearly two years ago with its “Very Gay Raptor.” The company has also premiered an ad showcasing its pride themed Raptor.

The comments on Twitter are what most of us are probably thinking: What is the purpose of these ads? And who really is asking for this nonsense?

Bud Light has undoubtedly been scrambling to make up with its audience since this unprecedented conservative boycott began. Oftentimes flip flopping on its messaging and political stances to make amends to its core fan base. 

Newsflash: it’s not working. 

Here’s Budweiser pushing a pro-America ad in a lame attempt to recapture the same drinkers it alienated just a few weeks prior.

With such a successful boycott under conservatives’ belts, it’s been proven that damage can be done when consumers stay consistent when choosing who to buy products and services from. 

Normally conservatives say they are going to ditch a brand after it pledges allegiance to wokism, but those claims rarely last more than a week or two.

The Bud Light boycott has lived on longer than most could have imagined, so companies who claim to possess true American values ought to pay attention to how they react to the culture wars in upcoming campaigns.

Conservatives have the ability to spark change, they just need to act on it.

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