Conspiracy Theory Peddling CNN Talker Brian Stelter Offers Excuse for CNN’s Abysmal Ratings

A conspiracy theorist and host at CNN made a downright bizarre excuse for his network’s plummeting ratings after the collapse of the RussiaGate hoax.

“It’s true that Fox’s prime time ratings have popped this week while CNN and MSNBC’s ratings have been below average. That makes sense: On the right, the Barr letter is being celebrated like a sequel to election nightSince the letter’s release on Sunday, there hasn’t been much news. So I’m not surprised by the ebb and flow, but I’m keeping an eye on it…” said Brian Stelter in his morning newsletter.

Stelter hosts the show “Reliable Sources,” which proved itself unreliable on multiple occasions, but confirmed its unreliability after the CNN’s president said that the network’s reporters “are not investigators.”

The excuse that there “hasn’t been much news” this week is bogus.

America’s favorite alleged hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett was mysteriously exonerated by tight-lipped prosecutors in Chicago who have deep ties to the Democratic Party establishment, all the way up the ladder to the Obama family.

Going to, not from jail is former CNN darling Michael Avenatti, whose alleged un-indicted co-conspirator is Mark Geragos, a former CNN legal analyst who has now been released by the network. The network once let both men dominate their airtime. Now, Stelter says they’re not newsworthy.

CNN could always discuss their own legal woes. The network was recently served with a $250 million lawsuit by the attorneys for Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann, alleging that the network defamed him. That was on March 9. CNN first covered the story on March 21 – then dropped it altogether.

There’s plenty of news to cover. Perhaps Stelter could drop the charade and be honest about why his network is rapidly losing viewership.

The Russian “collusion” scandal was always a conspiracy theory, and CNN and the rest of the cable nets perpetuated it for two years.

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