Cop26 Show Hypocrisy Once Again By Eating Mostly Meat And Telling Everyone Else To Do Otherwise

Globalists have earned a stellar reputation for flouting nearly every edict of social responsibility they seek to guilt their subject with. From flying into climate change conferences on private jets to living in mansions while telling everyone else that urban sprawl is bad for the environment, our rulers have shown that they care so much about our well-being that they want only the ordinary folk to enjoy the processes that they claim are needed to ensure a livable planet and are willing to exempt themselves from those very same joys. Most recently, this hypocrisy has been put on full display once again at the latest feel-good summit they have conjured up for themselves.

According to Summit News, in addition to child-sniffer-in-chief Joe Biden nodding off on camera once again, the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as Cop26, saw its globalist attendees treated to a variety of menu options that went entirely opposed to the very lifestyle restrictions the conference itself was looking to hoist onto the average Western and Far Eastern household.

The menus the attendees had to choose from included dishes such as Haggis, Beef Ramen, burgers, and Venison, all of which gave the average meal enjoyed by our rulers at Cop26 a carbon footprint of 3.4 kilos, which was twice the amount the average British meal produces and a shade below seven times the amount being recommended at the very same conference, which is 0.5 kilos. Apparently, this hypocrisy has gone so far and been displayed so blatantly that even left-wing climate activists can no longer hold their tongues. This is of course on top of the baseline hypocrisy of flying over four hundred private jets to attend the conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

Needles to say, it would appear that our rulers are not keen on an insect-based diet anytime soon despite increasingly recommending it to the rest of us.

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