Corker tells CNN how he really, really feels about Trump

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee stopped short of calling President Donald J. Trump a liar in his unvarnished criticisms of the leader of his party Monday while speaking with CNN reporter Manu Raju.

“The president has great difficulty with the truth,” said Sen. Robert P. Corker Jr. (R.-Tenn.), who was the mayor of Chattanooga before his 2006 election to the Senate.

Corker was miffed by the Tweets the president made in his most recent Twitter spat with Trump.

“Nothing he said in his Tweets today were truthful,” the senator said.

Then Corker alluded to his characterization of the White House as an adult day care center: “I would hope the staff over there would figure out ways to control him when they know everything he said today was absolutely untrue.

Corker said he was raised not to call another people a “liar,” so he resisted Raju’s pressing him to say the word.

Check out the whole interview here:

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