Corporatism In Action: Biden Regime To Discuss Privatized Medical Tyranny With Top Executives

It appears that the wisdom of our globalist rulers knows no bounds as the child-sniffer-in-chief is set to meet with top-level executives of the likes of Walgreens, The Walt Disney Company, and Microsoft to talk about the most recent round of medical tyranny announced by the regime. In another story, many thousands of principled patriots across the country groan as they add even more companies to the list of places they will try to avoid from now on.

According to The Epoch Times, White House officials have alluded that this illustrious gathering of benevolent corporate hegemonists will include but not be limited to the likes of Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, Bob Chapek, CEO of Walt Disney, Tim Boyle, president and CEO of Columbia Sportswear, and Roz Brewer, CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance.

The most recent round of federal medical tyranny includes forcing companies with over 100 employees to force all of them to be injected with a hastily-approved injection or face fines of up to $13,600 per violation, meaning per unvaccinated employee, if they fail to acquiesce. The good news is that those employees will be free to choose which bloated and corrupt medical conglomerate they receive said jab from and make them that much richer because America is all about choice.

With regards to the bureaucratic details of the maniacal endeavor, OSHA will be tasked with enforcing this specific quagmire. Unsurprisingly, they and the Department of Labor have not been responsive to requests for further information regarding the details of this next affront on American freedom.

And much to the chagrin of business ‘conservatives’, it appears that the corporate overclass of America is very much on board with squeezing the American people that much more. In a talk with KGW-TV, CEO of Columbia Sportswear Tim Boyle said that “If the company is going to be back to a normal operating condition, if our country and the globe are going to back to the normal operating conditions, we need to get many, many more people vaccinated.”

Indeed, even the Business Roundtable, an organization claiming to represent hundreds of businesses, praised this slide into a 1984-style dystopia. The CEO of the organization John Bolten even made a statement saying that “business Roundtable welcomes the Biden Administration’s continued vigilance in the fight against COVID.” It would appear that being pro-freedom and pro-business are two increasingly contradictory positions to take these days.

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