Could Republicans Lose the Texas State House?

Ryan Girdusky of  One America News Network shared a post on Twitter that should make Republicans in Texas worried.

He tweet shared a post from Patrick Svitek of The Texas Tribune highlighting how there are 8 open seats in the Texas House for the 2020 elections.

Girdusky stated, “People should be paying attention to the possibility that Dems could take control of the Texas State House.”

The seats of the following Representatives are now open:

John Wray (R)

John Zerwas (R)

Mike Lang (R)

Cesar Blanco (D)

Jonathan Stickland (R)

Eric Johnson (D)

Dwayne Bohac (R)

Jessica Farrar (D)

Indeed, Texas politics has become more competitive during the last few years. The 2018 election cycle demonstrated this as Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke over-performed at the polls and put up a major fight against incumbent Senator Ted Cruz.

This same election cycle witnessed staunch conservatives such as former State Representative Matt Rinaldi lose their seat to Democrats.

Many political statisticians argue that Texas’ competitiveness is largely due to the changing demographics in the state, which makes immigration reform a must for the GOP to remain relevant in the Lone Star State.

Should these trends continue unabated, many policies that have made Texas a freedom hub — gun rights and zero income taxation — could potentially be on the chopping block.

Texas GOP leadership will have to wake up to this fact and start pushing for a merit-based immigration system that has restrictive pathways to citizenship.



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