Could RFK. Jr Be a Spoiler in the 2024 Election?

Since Robert F. Kennedy Jr. threw his hat in the ring as a presidential candidate in the 2024 elections, there has been speculation about what kind of impact he will have on the general election. Namely, if his presence as a candidate will take away more support from sitting President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

Thus far, the general consensus is that RFK Jr. hurts Biden more than Trump in the general election. For example, Biden enjoys a three point lead in a Quinnipiac University poll against Trump, 48% to 45%. However, with the inclusion of several third-party challengers, Biden’s support drops to 38% with Trump acquiring just 39% and Kennedy hovering at 13%. 

According to a Bloomberg report, Biden’s support falls by 10 points compared to Kennedy’s 6 points owing to Kennedy’s relative strength among young, black and Latino voters — key constituencies with the Democratic Party. 

“Our campaign is a spoiler all right,” Kennedy said during the announcement of tech millionaire Nicole Shanahan as his running mate. “It is a spoiler for President Biden and for President Trump.”

There’s likely some truth to the assumption that RFK Jr. is a spoiler candidate. He has heterodox positions on issues ranging from immigration to foreign policy. In all honesty, we need more dynamism in our electoral politics. 

The DC Uniparty is too corrupt to be trusted and the two parties need to be flushed down the toilet for their blind commitment to mass migration, never-ending wars, and central banking. 

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