COUNT THE WAYS: Morning Joe Runs Wild With Speculation in Ridiculous Segment

In a particularly egregious Friday morning segment, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough ran wild with speculation and innuendo about President Donald J. Trump.

This was not ordinary fake news. This was a new level of derangement that surprised even me – and I cover many stories about mainstream press lies. In a segment discussing Democrat campaign strategy, Scarborough launched into the following tirade. Let’s count the lies from the short, two minute clip:

“So the head shot, were I a Democrat, were I in charge of this campaign, it would be corruption and Donald Trump’s rich billionaire buddies, how Trump is the most corrupt president ever (1 – this is pure innuendo), because he is, talk about how he’s turned Washington into a sewer (2 – Washington was a sewer long before Trump arrived) and he’s just there skimming the money off the top (3 – Totally made up), and how Donald Trump has created a plutocracy (4 – Also made up). He’s basically doing what Vladimir Putin is doing in Russia (5 – No, he’s not), he’s creating winners and losers (6 – There have always been winners and losers: Scarborough, for example, is a loser). He passes a tax bill and then he flies down to Mar-a-Lago on his private jet (7 – The President flies on Air Force One), he sits around the table with his billionaire buddies (8 – Speculation) and he says, quote, ‘You all should love me. I just made all of you lots of money today.’ (9 – This “quote” is made up) You can’t make a 30-second commercial out of that?

Nine baseless smears in less than two minutes has to be some kind of record. This is horrible, even by the lowest of standards.


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